Flea Bytes: Oral Edoxaban in VTE Prophylaxis in Cancer Patients

Open label non-inferiority trial of 1046 cancer patients (1050 randomized). Non-inferiority margin of 1.5 (HR 1.5), appears to have been randomly decided upon. Expected event rate of 20%, but had an event rate of 13%. Primary endpoint combined VTE and bleeding events which had a HR of 0.97. However, edoxaban improved VTE risk (not reaching statistical significance) by reducing DVTs, but not pulmonary embolism. Further, it had more bleeding, but the increased bleeding event severity was mostly category 2, while category 3 bleeding was similar. This was mostly upper GI bleeding and the authors note in the discussion section that it was mostly in patients with GI cancers and whined that the dalteparin bleeding rate was lower than previously reported.

My takeaway – edoxaban seems like a reasonable option for VTE prophylaxis in cancer patients, although it might increase bleeding risks.

Source: N Engl J Med 2018; 378:615-624

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