This is a blog I developed during my third year of residency to organize the ever growing body of information I was learning. I wanted to give others the ability to view some of this content and help them in their journey to become great internists.

You may wonder, why is a blog about medicine titled “Flea Bottom”? I chose this name in reference to internists sometimes being referred to as fleas, because they are the last things to abandon a dying person. This may be a pejorative nickname, but it has lasted for many generations of doctors because it fits. I take this not as an insult, but as a badge of honor and wear it proudly. And thus, the lowly slums of King’s Landing is the name that stuck.

We do not take responsibility for its accuracy or validity of any medical information found within the blog, nor should any posts be considered endorsements by a physician. This is not medical advice. While I will try to update the blog with the most relevant and newest information, it the responsibility of the reader to use other sources and their training to interpret all medical information.

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